There is a life that flows, in the jewel of the one who made it.

The values of Mirco Visconti are much more than jewels.

They are a sublime synthesis of past and present, of intuition and dexterity, of excellence and innovation, of technique and passion. They are an intense, indissoluble embrace, between the most precious stones and the gold mountings of the oldest and most refined artisan tradition of Valenza. Because pure beauty, the value of values, demands a constant gaze upon itself.

Eyes that seek it, capture it, fall in love with it and never leave it. It is the eyes of Enrico Liparota, who personally searches, selects, and buys the most beautiful gems, to combine them with timeless gold lines, everlasting in their refinement. It is the eyes of the master setters, who handle the stones with love and care, while completing their work of art. It is the eyes of the most prominent jewellers, who recognise the quality of Mirco Visconti brand and choose it for their customers.

Finally, it is the eyes of the most demanding customers, who are enchanted by their sublimity and fall in love with them for life.

The 5Cs of the perfect diamond

The quality of a diamond is assessed using four fundamental parameters: Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity.

Mirco Visconti adds a further and personal parameter: Choice (Selection), the fifth "C", undoubtedly the most important one to ensure the perfect diamond for every jewel. It is the extra value that only Mirco Visconti can give to its creations.

The correspondence to each of these parameters is classified and validated within Mirco Visconti laboratory by H.R.D. (Hoge Raad Voor Diamant) of Antwerp and IGI (Italian Gemmological Institute) certified gemmologists, with the use of the best technologies, equipment, and master stone.

In this way, cut, weight, refraction, and purity are certified.
  • CARAT Carat
  • COLOR Colour
  • CUT Cut
  • CLARITY Clarity
  • CHOICE Choice
The weight of a diamond is measured in carats, which correspond to 1/5 of a gram. In its collections, Mirco Visconti offers jewels with diamonds of different carats and therefore, of varied sizes, in order to fulfil any wish.
In diamonds, colour is a brightness parameter that indicates the colour saturation scale. The degree of colouring is classified with letters starting from D (perfectly colourless diamond) up to Z (diamond with intense colouring). For its jewels, Mirco Visconti exclusively chooses colours between grade D and H, the best quality that can be selected today.
Cutting is the art of giving shape, charm, and beauty to a diamond. From the typically classic 57 facets round brilliant cut to the most refined pear shape or emerald cuts, for its diamonds Mirco Visconti chooses the most refined cuts, in order to enhance the characteristics of each individual stone. The ideal cuts for shape and symmetry allow for the light to be entirely reflected in the diamond, emphasising its brightness and brilliance.
In the lengthy process of consolidating its crystalline structure, traces of small imperfections may remain inside the diamond. The degree of purity indicates the presence or absence of inclusions visible under 10x magnification Mirco Visconti usually selects diamonds with a degree of purity varying from IF to SI.

free from internal inclusions or blemishes*

very very small internal inclusions or blemishes*

very small internal inclusions or blemishes*

small internal inclusions or blemishes*

internal inclusions or blemishes visible even to the naked eye

The perfect cut is the cut that enables the diamond to completely reflect the light. On the other hand, an imperfect cut prevents the complete reflection of light, and the diamond loses brilliance.

Choice is the fundamental parameter in the search for the Mirco Visconti diamond, because only the expert eye can recognise a perfectly cut diamond. The secret is in the brilliance, or rather in the refraction path that allows the light to be fully reflected and return in the direction of origin. Only a small part of the stones passes the strict Mirco Visconti selection, which is conducted with the same criteria both on biggest and on smallest stones. This is why the selected stones have a value that goes beyond that of the market: regardless of their size, they are always a miracle of brilliance, transparency, balance, and formal harmony.


The tag that tells a story

Each Mirco Visconti jewel is accompanied by an identification tag: it is the identity card of the jewel, its history, its DNA. Thanks to the serial number it allows to guarantee its originality and trace every phase of production, from the first processing steps to the quality checks conducted on each single stone and on the finished jewel.
As a further guarantee, on each piece all the information that defines its value and belonging is laser engraved :
  • 1. Mirco Visconti 1947 authenticity hallmark
  • 2. Made in Valenza Italy hallmark
  • 3. 2098 AL hallmark
  • 4. 18 Kt gold title - 750 ‰
  • 5. Carat grade
Thanks to these data, Mirco Visconti jewels are guaranteed as unique and original pieces.
Each jewel is covered by the international replacement warranty, valid for one year all over the world in the event of theft, mugging, robbery or fire.
Finally, all products are equipped with a case, signed shoppers and the Mirco Visconti Charter of Values: only the simultaneous presence of all these elements protects consumers from a careless purchase, ensuring they have chosen a superior quality jewel.

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